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ARM Interfaces Size-2 Transputer IDE TRAM


The TIDE (Transputer Intelligent Drive Expansion) is a special interface TRAM (TRAnsputer Module) which provides a bridge between INMOS links and IDE compatible hard discs.  It allows backing store easily integrated to transputer networks of any size providing mass storage capability.  The TRAM provides:

Application Notes

The TIDE module from ARM Interfaces allows the easy integration of hard disc drives into transputer networks and provides a low cost alternative to its SCSI based counterparts. 

Software held in ROM on the TRAM makes the T222 transputer appear as an M212 transputer configured in mode 1.  The M212, now obsolete, was an intelligent peripheral controller transputer with its own controller software held on chip.  ARM Interfaces have adopted emulation of the M212 in order to provide backwards compatibility with pre-existing software written to take advantage of the M212, for example the Helios File Server.  The TRAM may also be used as a direct replacement for the IMSB005 disk board.  Where access to the raw hardware is required, emulation can be disabled and alternative controller software may be loaded if required.

It is possible to configure the TRAM such that whole or partial networks are booted from code stored on a hard disc upon reset or power-up.

Comprehensive documentation is provided with the TRAM module together with TDS (Transputer Development System) library files for developers using Occam.

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