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Sundance SMT229 Ethernet TRAM


The SMT229 Ethernet TRAM is a compact, high-performance Ethernet controller, with enough memory and CPU power to implement transport level protocol suites such as TCP/IP and OSI on board. The SMT229 can achieve transfer rates close to the 10MBit/s theoretical limit for Ethernet. Full support for TCP/IP is available.

The basic SMT229 connects directly to an Ethernet AUI cable. An optional panel-mounted thin-wire module creates a versitile TRAM/Ethernet connection.

The on-board T425 transputer shares address space with the Ethernet controller, so data sent or received by the network is transfered without CPU intervention. Data is immediately available for local processing by higher level software, or it can be sent to other processors via the transputer's links.

With 4MBytes of local DRAM significant application programs can reside on the SMT229, even after the protocol suite is loaded. In comparison with a typical T225 based Ethernet TRAM, where an additional processor is required for hosting the buffering and protocol support, the SMT229 can achieve size and cost benefits.

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