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Sundance SMT225 ADC and DAC TRAM


The SMT225 uses a single chip analogue device to provide multiplexor, sample-and-hold and analogue-to-digital functions (Maxim MAX180) and a further device to provide four digital-to-analogue channels (Maxim MAX527). Bipolar input and output voltages swing from +2.5V to -2.5V with an accuracy of 1LSB. Analogue inputs can be selected as differential (4 inputs) or single ended (8 inputs).

Conversion can be initiated by software or from an on-board clock which gives either a 10.4ms or 12ms conversion rate. The DAC may also be locked to a selected sample clock in this mode. 64KBytes of fast SRAM can be used to provide data buffers in the T225 address space with 512bytes decoded out for the ADC and DAC interfaces. The SMT225 uses a 25MHz T225 16-bit transputer. Transputer source

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