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Sundance SMT103 Transputer and  4 Slot TRAM Motherboard for PC


The SMT103 is the ideal motherboard for systems requiring compact high performance processing. It offers a choice of embedded processor and memory with the ability to increase the number of on-board processors using additional TRAMs. The SMT103 may also be used as a highly flexible development platform or software accelerator.

The SMT103 is capable of accommodating up to 9 transputers using the SMT213 dual processor TRAM. Alternatively the SMT103 may be used to host one of Sundance's special purpose TRAMs such as the SMT208A TMS320C40 TRAM, or the SMT219 HARP FPGA TRAM.

The PC half-card form factor of this board makes it suitable for use in laptops and applications requiring portability. The functionality is increased further by providing external expansion via four RS422 differential links and subsystem control. Link configuration is performed with headers. Two C011 link adapters provide a Dual Address PC interface.

The SMT103 uses surface mount components in order to reduce cost and increase reliability.

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