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AltaTech HSI/MVPA 8-slot VME TRAM Motherboard


The MVMA provides high performance serial I/O multiplexed with TLINK support through a T425 embedded processor, making it ideally suited to real-time data acquisition and control applications. The MVMA is a scaleable, high performance data acquisition and control card on a 6U form factor. It features an on-board IMST425 controller and 4 RS232 TLINK devices. The MVMA also comes with 8MB of memory, four bi-directional transputer links and optical fiber links, accessible via the front panel. This board can be coupled with additional MVMA's in larger applications. Optionally, additional Alta parallel processor products can be accessed, using the serial links, for computationally intensive real-time acquisition and control applications. The MVMA can be used with a variety of development/target host platforms, including the PC, SPARC, RS/6000, NCR 3xxx and other VME-based systems. This is achieved by using the 4 Transputer TLINK's to interface the MVMA with other architectures (i.e. ISA, EISA, SBus or SCSI).

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