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Team4 Video Kasmin Zorro2 Transputer Board


The following information is from Ian Dibsdall provides an overview of the Kasmin Zorro2 graphics card:

The "Kasmin" is a Zorro2 24bit frame buffer card, with integrated RGB video digitizer and driven by a 25MHz T800 transputer. It is capable of storing 2 frames of full PAL resolution (768 x 576) in memory, and supports KasminPaint and TVPaint.

I have two cards, one (pictured) is a prototype. Sadly non-functional (damage to the tracks on the back, possibly repairable?).
The other is one of (I believe) five cards actually made, and fully working. Kasmin appeared at around the same time as the Harlequin, and in fact they share a lot in development. It uses the "grafexa.library", which is like a very early RTG system, allowing different cards to share a common software interface.

I have a reprint of an Amiga Format review, which was glowing in praise of the card and in particular the digitizer (but noted you need RGB video, which was more pro/studio than home use then.). Curiously there is no date on the review, so I can't tell if is was published or not.

My card came from Team4 video in London, where I believe it was used in an A3000 with TVPaint for stills work. I now have it in an A4000, which didn't work at first, but with an incredible stroke of luck I was put in touch with the original software developer, who fixed it for me.

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