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INMOS B418 Size-2 Flash ROM TRAM

General Description

The IMSB418 is a TRAM designed primarily for configuring and boot-strapping transputer networks in embedded systems. It contains 256 Kbytes of non-volatile memory: implemented with flash ROM devices (the flash ROM is an EPROM-like device with bulk electrical erasability, rather than UV erase). After reset, the IMSB418 outputs a program stored in the ROM from one of its INMOS serial links. An on-board programming voltage generator, and programming software, allows the ROM contents to be programmed without removing the ROM devices from the board and without removing the IMSB418 from an assembled system. Programming is through a simple protocol on one of the INMOS serial links. Safeguards are provided against accidental erasure/programming. The ROM devices can be reprogrammed at least 10,000 times. The IMSB418 can also be used as a non-volatile backup memory in any microprocessor system: all that is required is an INMOS link adaptor to interface the IMSB418 to the microprocessor.


TRAM FeaturesUnitsNotes
Flash ROM256Kbytes[1]
TRAM size2

Pitch between pins3.30inch
Component height above PCB9.0mm
Component height below PCB3.5mm[2]
Storage Temperature0-70C
Operating Temperature10-40C
Power supply voltage (Vcc)4.75-5.25Volt
Power consumptionTBAW
  1. A full 256Kbytes are available to the user: the on-board programming software used on the IMSB418 is stored in a separate device.
  2. This dimension includes the thickness of the PCB.
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