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AltaTech HSI/MVPA 8-slot VME TRAM Motherboard


A 6U VME board with eight TRAM sites, TLINKs (differential transputer links) and a Fiber Optic Link that connects to a variety of Transputer-based products either as a dedicated VME interface or part of a scaleable network of processors. The HSI/MVPA is a single board VME interface for transputers. The board provides a general purpose VME interface, enhancing the functionality of the Inmos B016 and B014 boards with an integrated 64-bit (Vic-64) VME interface, eight TRAM sites, front-panel or P2 VME link connections, a 20 MBit/Sec Fiber Optic link, a single configurable RS422 serial I/O port, and software compatibility through TLINK.C software.

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