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Helios Unix File Server

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Unix File Server

The UNIX File Server UFS is a full featured BSD 4.4 Fast Filing System for use with peripherals attached to Helios systems. It enables directly attached SCSI disks to be accessed from Helios.

UFS supports all leading makes of multi-processor SCSI modules. It can also use a PC hard disk partition through the standard PC IO Server with no additional hardware.

The file system features read ahead and write behind cache as well as other optimising features such as distributed file protection mechanisms and multi user distributed access.

UFS is implemented as a Helios server. This means the UFS may be run on any node in a processor network. More than one UFS may be present in a system, each file server appearing as a different directory. The File Server can be used in embedded systems without host disk support, parallel access disk array databases and image processing applications.

The UNIX File Server has been developed and ported to Helios by PDS. UFS can run with limited cache performance on a 2MByte processor. Supported interface modules include: Inmos B422, Hunt HE1000, T2SL Paradise range, Paratech GM8504, CORAL HPT01 and Transtech TTM11. Recommended SCSI drives include the Seagate and Maxtor ranges. Sources to device drivers are provided to enable production of drivers for most SCSI controllers.

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