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"…sequential computers are approaching a fundamental physical

limit on their potential power. Such a limit is the speed of light…"



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Helios is a micro kernel operating system for embedded and multiprocessor systems. It has a modular design which can scale from deeply embedded control applications through to multi processor systems supporting high level communications and services. Simple hardware requirements, compression loaders and shared libraries allow the design of complex Helios applications into resource limited appliances.

Due to the flexibility of the kernel, Helios is suitable for a wide range of applications including portable Internet enabled devices, set-top box applications, thin network clients, process controllers and distributed/parallel processing machines.

Helios supports many common computing standards and leading third party code including Internet browsers and servers, font technology, GUI, network communications software and embedded development environments.

The Helios development team are application orientated. The team can offer either a complete application solution or work on site with customer development engineers to provide additional specialist skills.


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