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Helios TCP/IP

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Helios TCP/IP is a comprehensive TCP/IP support package for the Helios real-time operating system. Based on the industry standard BSD code, it provides all the usual TCP/IP daemons and services:

NFS     sendmail     smtp     ttyserv     lpd     ftpd
rexecd  rlogind      rshd     telnetd     inetd   PPP

To assist the embedded code developer to develop network applications rapidly and prototype ethernet hardware simultaneously, Helios TCP/IP will allow target applications to 'share' the ethernet services of the host development computer before target network hardware is available. Once the application has been fully debugged and hardware is ready, a target device driver is substituted for the host network device driver. Helios device drivers conform to a simple, easy-to-write specification. Example driver source code is provided with the software. Helios TCP/IP is supplied with target binaries which may be embedded into deployed systems or executed during development directly from the Helios shell. The commands include:

ping     mail     lpc     lpq     lpr     lprm     lptest
ftp      telnet   rlogin  rsh     rcp     setterm  route     umount

All the necessary library support for socket communications and network control is also provided. These follow the BSD and POSIX API standards allowing existing code to be ported rapidly.

When coupled with the TCP/IP suite, Helios-ARM forms an ideal Network Computer Operating System (NCOS). Ports of both a WWW browser and a WWW server are available free of charge from Perihelion. Suitable applications include:

The software is available with a royalty free license option. Full source code of all software is also available if required.

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