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FIJI PC-Parallel Port to Transputer OS Link Interface


FIJI is a simple interface used to connect a single Transputer Link to a standard Centronics type unidirectional parallel port. It is a SubD25 similar size module and ideally suited to adapt your notebook to any transputer based system. Especially in field service applications FIJI proved to be a helpful, easy to use and reliable device. Nevertheless the optimized data transfer rate allows effective host communication with non portable PC systems without any restrictions. The quick and easy installation procedure to the external parallel port supports the handling of often changing network topologies. For debugging purposes several LED's give additional information about the link status.

Various link connector type options are available. The link interface and the system services are furnished in both single-ended and differential form.

FIJI is supplied either from the enclosed keyboard adapter (see illustration) or from the link connector itself.

The standard software support package includes adapted Iservers for the 2nd and 3rd generation INMOS Toolsets as well as a basic "C" function library in source code for customer specific applications.

Technical Data

* Available with SubD connectors only! This limitation depends on the motherboard's capabilities. Refer to your system manual for maximum value of keyboard supply current! Overload might damage your hardware!


One-off prices for the FIJI start at DM 690 for the SubD connector type.

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