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Azure AVT202 Color Image Processor

Typical Applications

The versatility built into the AVT202 makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. Applications that the AVT202 has been used with include:

General Description

The AVT202 color image processing board combines Azure’s proven vision experience with the cost sensitive needs of the PC user. The board plugs directly into a standard ISA slot to provide real-time full colour image processing.

The AVT202 also can meet the demands of the machine-vision community by operating in a stand-alone configuration without a PC.

To assist these applications, the AVT202 contains simple logic to interface to industrial controllers enabling the AVT202 to become a ‘non-contact vision sensor’ fully integrated into standard control systems.

Options & Accessories

When choosing an AVT202 there are three processor options and two memory configurations.

In addition to the board options, a variety of cables are also available.

User Manual & Support Software

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