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AltaTech Size-4 SCSITRAM 


The SCSITRAM consists of a circuit board with SCSI processor and ribbon cable connector, transputer, memory, boot ROM, and connective hardware. The SCSITRAM may be plugged into a SuperLink/XL TRAM board from Alta Technology or similar boards from Inmos to provide an interface between 4 transputer links and standard SCSI devices or host interfaces.
In the initiator mode, the SCSITRAM may be used to control disks, tapes, and other SCSI devices. The optional MS-DOS 5.0 file system allows file I/O for multiple links, each with multiple files. Total available bandwidth is balanced at 10 MBytes/Second on the SCSI bus (running in the synchronous mode) and all four links running bi-directional transfers, making this device ideal for transaction processing. With the "fast SCSI" mode, this device is also ideal for sustained streaming of data in a data acquisition environment. Four megabytes of DRAM on the TRAM are available for buffering or caching operations.
As a target device, the SCSITRAM may be used to interface transputer networks to hosts with SCSI controllers. Alta offers interface drivers, development systems, and external chassis for Sun SPARCStations, IBM Risc System 6000's, and other UNIX workstations.

The SCSITRAM follows all of the mechanical and electrical standards for Size-4 TRAMs. The SCSITRAM may be combined with other transputer modules on a single SuperLink/XL to create a complex array of processors and peripherals for use in parallel processing algorithms.

SCSITRAM Parallel Applications

The SCSITRAM is the basic unit for mass storage in parallel processing applications. With its high-end performance and selection of peripherals and configurations, the SCSITRAM is a versatile tool for the system designer, the system integrator, or the Value-Added Reseller (VAR). The end-user can connect most SCSI devices such as tape drives and disks with the SCSITRAM for a tailored, economical disc or tape subsystem within an existing transputer system. Designers can place up to two SCSITRAMs on a single PC/AT motherboard. Each SCSITRAM may be connected to other transputer modules via its four transputer links to form a great variety of topologies.

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