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Atari Transputer Workstation 800


System Processors:  T800-20MHz and 68000-8MHz, connected via a transputer link

Graphics Processor:  Features the following:

System Memory:  The T800-20 host processor has 4 Megabytes of dynamic RAM (120ns), expandable to 16 Megabytes.  The 68000 has 512K of RAM expandable to 1 Megabyte.

Video Memory:  1 Megabyte of fast dual port dynamic RAM (100ns) with ports connected to the main bus and the video bus.

I/O:  Controlled by the 68000 processor which functions independently of the T800 host processor.

Monitors:  NEC Multisync Plus/XL, Hitachi 4616-D-BB-3, Philips M1964

I/O Ports:

Standard Data Storage:  40 Megabytes SCSI Hard Disk Drive

Optional Peripherals:

Expansion Board Slots:  The T800 bus has four expansion slots.  The 68000 bus has one expansion slot.

Processor Expansion:  An additional 16 T800 processors can be added internally with transputer farm cards, an unlimited number can be added externally.


Operating Systems:  Helios

Graphics Standard:  X-Windows

User Manual & Support Software

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